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EQ pedal for acoustic bass?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by weekendxwarrior, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. I've recently become the proud owner of an Alvarez acoustic electric bass, and i'm exploring my best options as far as tweaking the sound.

    the on board pre-amp is a little too simple and doesn't quite do the trick, and i already have the eq on the amp itself set up for my epiphone hollow-body, so the logical option for my portable rig would seem to be an equalizer pedal.
    i was just curious if there was anything incredibly better for this situation than a typical bass eq pedal, i have a co-worker willing to part with his Boss GEB-7 for a very reasonable price, but wanted to see if anyone had any better ideas before going through with the purchase.
    please keep in mind i'm on a fairly tight budget, i had to budget aside money for a month to pick up this bass.

    thanks in advance for any replies, and i also apologize if the acoustic bass effect subject has been addressed. whenever you type "acoustic bass" into the search feature, it brings up page after page on the amp brand rather than what i'm looking for.
  2. Use the phrase matching feature of the google search to avoid this problem.

    suggested search term: "acoustic bass" eq
  3. The Boss GEB-7 I have is around 5 years old, and it's a good buy if it's for a bargain price. It's not a completely transparent EQ, and will introduce a "little" colour to your tone, but it's neglible IMHO.
    At the very least - an EQ is a great pedal to have when recording and playing live - very easy to tweak to the room you're playing.
  4. BadB


    May 25, 2005
    Check out the Rockman Acoustic pedal. It's a big ugly thing with a big grey (or blue, depending on the year) button in the middle. It sounds fantastic with bass or guitar.

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