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Eq pedal

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by pagan109, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. pagan109


    Jun 19, 2005
    Hey can you all help me a bit with setup.
    Im looking for a setup where i can change the sound pretty flexibly.Not for any particular sound.Like change the sound for different songs.My band covers rhcp and pearl jam...so ill need different sounds
    Just looking for live sound.
    Right now...wat im thinking is samick bass---Boss GEB7 eq---amp--Mixer--PA...im doing with whatever i have.i got buy amp and the eq pedal.
    Now i would be keeping the amp at 5-5-5 treb-mid-bass settings...but wouldnt the mixer mess up the sound.Is there something i can do?
    Now i can just connect my bass directly to the mixer...but then ill have to tell the soundguy after every song wat to change.the way i want it..i can immediately change after the song.
    Do you know of anything else that can give me sound flexibility...not too expensive.cant afford much.
    And wat do you think of HARTKE VXL Bass Attack Pedal?
  2. Mo'Phat

    Mo'Phat Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    San Diego, CA, USA
    Well, for starters, the main tonal differences between Jeff and Flea are more due to their technique. Sure they have different tones, but their playing styles are totally different, and that's where the bulk of their sound comes from.

    Also, keep in mind that if you want to sound just like them, you'd need two completely different rigs (amps, cabs, basses), be able to play just like them, then channel their brains so your mind works like theirs.

    That being said, if you're just copping those two guys, then probably a simple EQ pedal will give you what you're looking for. Dial in one sound with your amp and don't limit yourself to the 5-5-5 eq settings. Get it right. Then add the EQ pedal and work from there to get the other sound you're going for.

    MXR, Danelectro, Digitech, and others all make EQ's, so don't limit yourself to the Boss.

    Something like the Bass Attack pedal might add too much of something that would make one of your sounds just sound 'better' than the other. Clearer, punchier...I don't know, but I think you'll find that you'll want the Bass Attack for both of your sounds, and you'll still need an EQ to switch between the two.
  3. you could also check out boss' programable eq that holds something liek a million different eq settings that you can switch between, ok ay not even clsoe to that much but you get the drift. don't know how cool it is on bass, but maybe someone else could enlighten you a bit more
  4. pagan109


    Jun 19, 2005
    OK..thank you.
    I dont want the exact sounds.I just dont want it to sound odd when im playing the songs,like the tone shouldnt be totally off.And i should ahve specified the type of rhcp songs i want to play too.It doesnt involve slapping.its mostly songs from the last 2 albums.
    Hmm..im planning to get a eq pedal...was just wondering...if i could change my sound that significantly...frmo flea to jeff.that flexibility in tones is what i need.
    the other question was...will the eq settings+amp settings(i can set for the songs...)+mixer settings...which would vary from sound guy to sound guy.Now i dont want to tell the sound guy in b/w each song what to change.isnt there something i can do to avoid this?
    hope u get what i mean here.
  5. Mo'Phat

    Mo'Phat Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    San Diego, CA, USA
    An EQ pedal can make your tone sound completely different...sometimes in good ways, sometimes in bad. The key is to be tasteful and conservative.

    When I think of Jeff, I think full, round, and big. I think that should be your benchmark tone to shoot for without any EQ pedal. Flea, on the other hand, is sharp and punchy. With an EQ pedal, you can boost some high end to bring out Flea's definition, boost around 250 hz to add some punch, but roll off 80 hz to remove some of the Ament boom. It's fairly difficult to begin with a Flea type tone and EQ in a Jeff tone, but can be done the other way around.

    Regarding the sound guy...the best sound guy will listen to your amp to hear what you're going for, then do his best to reproduce it accurately in his venue. He knows the acoustics of the venue best, so it's not a matter of just putting you through the PA and turning you up. What sounds nice and round through your amp could be extremely muddy or boomy in his room. Unless you know the sound guy, don't try to tell him how to run your bass, because YOU don't know the intricacies of the venue. Also, don't expect him to change your bass tone in between every song...he knows where the 'Suck' button is, and will use it if he feels abused by a demanding bassist.

    My best advice is to develop a couple of tones you're 100% happy with, maintain 100% control over them yourself, and if the soundguy is competent, it'll sound how you want it to sound.
  6. pagan109


    Jun 19, 2005
    Hmm...thanks a lot.
    I think i understood by what you meant when you said get a tone similiar to jeff before adding the eq.using the eq change to a flea tone.
    By telling the sound guy...i didnt mean tell him what to change.like tell him what kind of sound i need.now i cant tell that between songs can i?i guess i should do make changes to the eq and hope for the best. :meh:
    you said the bass attack makes it better...rite...so itll be a good idea to later add a bass attack to my gear...when i would be looking at a more specific tone.?
  7. Mo'Phat

    Mo'Phat Supporting Member

    Oct 1, 2003
    San Diego, CA, USA
    I just checked out some information on the Bass Attack, and it looks like it's a decent preamp. Will it sound at all how you want it to sound? I don't know, but it will change your tone when you kick it on. That's up to you to decide. It might change your tone too much.
  8. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge

    Unless you've been out front in a particular venue with your rig on stage, with your band playing, major changes in eq are not generally successful. It is also fairly rare to be able to have two tones that are so far apart available in a live environment, without a significant volume drop in one of them. The room's acoustics may be the determining factor in getting your band to sound full and clear, rather than thin or muddy and undefind.

    The tone's you are after should be 'closer' together than they are apart and should 'imply' the sound in your head (Flea or Jeff) rather than attempting to duplicate it. I would start with as big and round a tone as I can get in the venue at working volume and then pull a bit of mid and maybe a bit of bass as well and add a smidge of upper mid and high end to imply a "Flea tone" when coming from that bigger rounder kind of sound.

    I have a Trace EQ pedal that does this sort of thing nicely. it's a graphic with a couple of contour settings, The EQ and contours are swith selectable so you have a number of options at your feet. Not exotic but strong and functional for a live setting.

    IMO - the first priority is that the band sounds good, not that the bass does. At least not to the detriment of the overall mix. It's the interplay between you and the drummer's kick and snare for the most part that drives the band forward and it's vital that people out front can distinguish between the three. Any adjustments you make to your overall tone are going to have some impact on the relative levels of everything in the low end so make your eq adjustments incrementally. A little bit goes a long way. This is why when you see your heros live, you'll notice that their tone stays pretty consistent throughout their set. You pretty much need to follow suit ...
  9. pagan109


    Jun 19, 2005
    nice post...thanks..
    The tone i want is like jeff ament's tone.But i aint looking to duplicate it.Its just that my band covers rhcp too...and i just want to do whatever i can to change the tone...without messing up the overall sound.this is just till we get over the 'covers phase'.
    And by telling the soundguy...i didnt mean telling him what exactly to change.I meant i definitely can't tell him what sound i require for each song.
    I was asking whether adding an eq pedal and bass attack to change tones between songs mess up the overall sound.
    thanks both of you...can you suggest good eq pedals and bass attack,a bit on the cheapr side.

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