eq settings (bass) for different styles

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  1. Hi!

    As a bass player in a cover band, I play a lot of different styles.
    I'm looking for a sugesstion of how to set the EQ on my (active) bass for different styles, as I don't want to change the amp settings.

    Someone just told me the following:
    Bossa: Treble out, Mid 70%
    Slap: Treble 80%, Mid Out, Bass 90%
    Reggae: Treble Out, Mid Out, Bass In

    That's all I know so far.

    Any recommendation?

    Greets, Flea2010
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    not really GI type stuff, let's go to Misc......

    Chris A.:rolleyes: :bassist:
  3. There all what I use except the slap EQ. I like my slap to be deeper and bassier like Marcus Miller, So I put bass at 80%, Mid at 30% and Treble at 30%.
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    Why don't you just set it the way it sounds best? :meh: