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EQ settings For Ashdown Mag C115 300

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by canadian bass, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Hi
    I hope this is the right form to be asking this question.
    I recently purchased an Ashdown Mag C115 300 combo and I played out with it for the first time this past Christmas Eve in a small bar with approx 60 people.
    Due to unforseen circumstances I arrived at the gig and had 5min to find a tone and them we went on .
    I thought the tone was amazing on my a,d,g strings but my sound seemed to get lost between e and g on the e string, especially when our lead guitarist used his overdrive pedal.
    This was my set up for the night.

    Input at 2'o'clock
    Bass at 12 o'clock
    220 Hz at 1"oclock
    Middle at 2 o'clock
    1.6 Khz at 1 o'clock
    Treble at 2 o'clock
    output at 1 o'clock
    I was plugged into the High input
    Deep Effect on
    Bright Effect on
    EQ on
    Sub Harmonics on and set at 12 o'clock

    I play a Yamaha Motion II Bass (passive) which is a medium scale 32" neck with GHS Brite Flats 049,062,084,108

    My Question is this Does anybody have EQ setting recommendations that would leave my a,d,g sounding as they did but making the e through g more clear on my e string. I realize that every venue is unique and needs fine tuning but I am looking for a reference point.