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  1. bassduder

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    Jul 30, 2001
    Canada, GF-W
    can someone help me out with the eq on the processor i currently have...its 5-band and was wondering what each little thing does, like teh different hz or whatever they are...do they like stand for treble and stuff or what?


    ps-i also have a dyna excitier, compressor (not sure how to use either, help would be apprecated), chorus/flange, and delay/reverb-
  2. As a typical Unix-admin i would tend to say " RTFM ! "

    but as a bassplayer i'd ask you to tell more about your gear.. the frequencies are different on each amp, so it's pretty much impossible to answer this question without more details
  3. bassduder

    bassduder Guest

    Jul 30, 2001
    Canada, GF-W
    i have a fender squier jazz bass (although i think it may be a bass made from scratch, because it has schaller tunes, really easy to play, bought it 2nd hand, anyway), randall basso amp (2 channels, volume, mid, treble, bass), korg a5 processor (im in the process of buying this...it has a compressor, 5 band eq, dyna exciter, chorus/flange, delay, reverb, utiltly)

    do u need any other info?

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    Sep 4, 2000
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    We need the exact product name (I don't think Randall makes a "basso" amp). But even then you cannot tell the frequencies of the EQ unless the munufacturer provides that info or you check the electronics.
    Check the manuals (If you have them) or their websites.
    You can also email them for more infos.


    http://randallamplifiers.com/product/amps/basscombo.htm (I presume you have a combo)

    email: [email protected]


    www.korg.com (I didn`t find info on the A 5 though - it may be too old).

    Do a info search on www.google.com

    An EQ cuts (and boosts if active) the volume at certain frequency ranges. What bass, mids and treble actually are is pretty much a matter of opinion. What some people call bass may be low mids for others, the same with treble and hi mids.
    Just experiment and use your ears. Just some tips: Usually it's just better to cut than to boost frequencies, especially with lows and highs. Boosting lows can drain too much power from your amp and the sound may get too boomy. Too much treble can get you too much hiss and noise.

    A compressor is bassically a automatic volume control. It decreases the dynamic range by making loud parts quieter and quieter parts louder. The effect is a fatter and overall louder sound and you can use the amp's headroom more effectively.
    An expander does exactly the opposite and is used for adding dynamics and, more importantly, for noise reduction. I gives better and smoother results than a noise gate, but requires more tweaking.
    An exciter adds or enhances overtones in a given audio signal.

    Phaser, flanger, chorus and delay are so-called modulation effects. The signal is split and one part is delayed and the differences that occur when they are sounding together cause the effect sound.

    Again just experiment.

    That's all I can do for you, sorry.