SOLD EQD Monarch,Spires,Transmisser,Le Clean

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    Greetings Tbers . Up for sale are a few pedals that are not currently being used. Prices includes USPS priority shipping Conus. They all have boxes except for tge transmisser. they have velcros underneath but All in excellent condition.paypal FF but im happy to do paypal G&S buyer pays fees. thank you
    EQD Spires-w/box *Sold on FB grp
    EQD Transmisser- No box -$180 will post with a lower price. thank you tb . Cheers!
    EQD Monarch - $200 w/box *Sold on FB grp.
    Two Notes Le clean $165 W/ Box and power supply. *TRADED*
    i also posted this in an FB group. thank you and have a good weekend. Cheers! BCA4B6C9-C4F5-4E6F-97F5-1C32395791C9.jpeg 916ED55E-20D7-418B-92D4-9D57785C2610.jpeg 3DF8DD65-B520-4F1C-A9DB-80F135EAA08C.jpeg 60B82663-73B7-4485-AAB1-63891D7F23E3.jpeg 61FF2A5E-E55D-4F90-A5B5-34637898C07F.jpeg 93D81B13-38C7-4774-85D5-01CD17B4AA11.jpeg
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    Feb 16, 2017
    san diego
    Monarch sold on another site. (FB group) Thank you fpr the interest