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Ergodyne upgrades?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Usul, May 6, 2001.

  1. Well,she sure does`nt sound nor look as nice as my Fender P but.....after not playing her for two weeks + and then picking her up again this evening.....She`s a keeper!

    I had my heart set on trading her(the ergodyne) in on something more to m;y liking but ,shoot,the neck is really fast and the feel is "just right".Not saying this Ibanez is the best thing out there but since I got her for free and she feels so good to play....guess I can`t really justify selling/trading her.

    What can I say?Great 2nd bass I guess.

    I need some info on replacement pups and preamps.Since she will be staying it would be nice to do some mild upgrades to get the most out of her as possible(without breaking the bank and keeping in mind she is an ibanez!lol).

    Srings,pups,preamp,bridge,and a hipshot d-tuner is all I want to add/change.All comments will be of use to me. :)


    p.s. please bear in mind that I paid zero for the bass and that I love the feel of her,so anything to make her sound better will be icing on the cake(so to speak)!
  2. Yes, I've been thinking about the same problem for many weeks until I just bought a fretless bass to improve my technique, whichwill improve my sound, too.
    I think that the Ergodyne is a great bass because it's SO comfortable, despite the neck being really thick compared to other Ibanez instruments. But with this neck, and this shaped body, you just can't let it go ! But I think (and that's what I will do very soon) that replacing the pickups and the electronics will make things better. The Cort Curbow i recently purchased has one Bartollini MK1 pup (soapbar, size similiar or equal to the Mightymites)and this thing sounds so lovely. IMO Barts are the best pickups around, but I haven't tried Lane Poor yet.
    But also consider EMG's, because they cut through very nice, and I think a lack of "cut" is the main problem of the Ergodyne.
    Just a few thoughts !


    Ps: Which ergodyne is it ?
  3. Thanks for responding,Johannes.

    My Ergodyne is the EDC700 model.Let me know how the upgrades go! :)

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