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  1. Lazy


    May 30, 2001
    Vancouver BC
    A friend of mine offered me his ergodyne 4 string for 400 bucks Canadian. Saye he paid 1200 for it.
    Is this a good deal and have any of you good things to say about these basses?
  2. $1,200.00 Canadian would be about $800.00 American. He could have paid that much depending on which model it is, and if he didn't shop around.
    $400.00 Canadian would be about $275.00 American. If the bass is in reasonable shape I'd say it's a good deal. As for the Ergodynes in general, I like them, but, this is subjective. Remember these basses have a battery in them, so make sure it's got enough juice in it when you check it out.

    Mike J.