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    Here's a review on Youtube;

  2. [​IMG]

    This strange new bass is intriguing, but it frightens and confuses me.

    I read about this before and don't know what to make of it. A graphite neck would be best for that design, no?
  3. So, anyone on TB who has one of Torzal's twisted axxes?

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    I've seen those before. I've always wondered how the intonation and action is kept consistent with such a radical design.
  5. Can anyone tell me when the Torzal neck was first designed?

    I've only recently heard about this bass and I haven't heard it being patented.

    I'm asking this because back in the early or mid 1990's. I subscribed to a UK. Design magazine. And the front cover was a story about 2 industrial designers who wanted to designed a futuristic guitar.

    The end product was a one-piece, carbon fiber/epoxy shell 6-string electric guitar. But they used a urethane foam as a filler for the interior? (not so great on tone me thinks!)

    But the coolest part of the guitar was their twisted neck concept (identical to the Torzal necks). I was wondering to myself at the time..... how do you adjust neck relief on these necks? (OK, their instrument was composite, so I guess the question is irrelevant )

    Anyhow..... I just wanted to know who came up with the concept first?

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    The Search function is an underrated tool ... Lots of info
  7. I dig it, but I'd rather see topics like this done over than the endless "P bass or J bass" redux.