Eric Steiner bows

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  1. Cellist&Bassist


    Nov 7, 2004
    I am curious as to whether anybody here uses, or has even heard of Eric Steiner bows. I am trying to figure out anything about them. I use a E.S. German bow for my bass and use two of his bows on the cello as well. I have also tried one of his French bass bows. I was very impressed with all of them, despite the fact some are a little lite. If anyone knows anything about him or his bows or where i can find more info please let me know. :help:
  2. I've been using an Eric Steiner bow, French style, for about a year and a half. My teacher has been using the same Eric Steiner bow for about ten years. For a lightweight, fairly inexpensive bow, they do a good job. My teacher is happy with his, and ditto for me. They don't produce as much sound as a couple of heavier bows that I've tried, but they seem like a good value.

    I also tried to find out some personal information abot Eric Steiner and couldn't find anything, Internet or otherwise. If you do find anything out, I'd be interested in seeing it.