Ernie Ball Audiophile HD-500 Amp

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  1. Whne was the last time you saw one of these? Short production run around 2001 due to high manufacturing costs in Italy. These were made by the MarkBass company for Ernie-Ball and were pretty expensive new.

    • A 500-watt (4 ohms) amp with a vacuum tube preamp
    • Two channels of EQ, each with four frequency bands (footswitchable)
    • A direct output for recording or sound reinforcement
    • Tuner output
    • An effects loop
    • Comes with footswitch
    • The exclusive Loudspeaker Variable Response (LVR) circuit provides an adjustable high-frequency cutoff control, allowing today's full range speaker enclosures to emulate the warm sound of vintage speaker cabs.
    • built-in limiter with selectable release time.

    Minty condition. Price drop $500 shipped, prefer paypal. Will consider trades for other amps.

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    What kind of amps are you looking for in trade?
  3. I'll consider most things in the same wattage range. Like:

    Ashdown ABM500
    SWR SM500, SM400S
    A.M.P. BH-400
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