SOLD Ernie Ball Music Man Sting Ray 5 - Lefty, Firemist Purple!

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    Up for sale is a one-of-a-kind bass I never wanted to part with, but must for financial reasons. 2017 StingRay 5 H, left handed model. As far as I know, it may be the only lefty 5-string StingRay out there in the elusive Firemist Purple finish (featuring a rosewood fretboard, maple neck, and black hardware).

    I am the second owner and have cared for it delicately. The first owner left pickguard scratches from regular play, but other than that, it is in excellent condition. The neck, hardware, and gloss finish are in fantastic shape. While under my care, this bass has only ever been used at home.

    The current strings are Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinkys, which pair beautifully with this bass and keep it 100% Ernie Ball. It comes with the original hard shell case, which has some minor wear and tear from the first owner.

    Under less urgent circumstances, I would not be selling this bass at all. My loss is your gain! All reasonable offers considered.

    Local pickup in the San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Yolo, and East Bay (Contra Costa, Alameda) counties is available if you prefer not to deal with shipping. Sonoma or SF County is preferred as I am based in Petaluma and work in SF. If you want it shipped within the continental U.S., let me know and we can split shipping costs.

    Lots of photos below:

    B071CD30-FA50-41E7-905F-8EE9A739DB66.jpeg 5F23020D-5E6C-4AC1-8CDC-28762A058C43.jpeg DCF509F8-CDBD-4FD9-842A-75E69C1B15BD.jpeg 099EECA1-24E9-4A0E-AB73-FF9E1BCC0810.jpeg 86D00E37-F4BC-4632-BA85-FCAD85E6A3E7.jpeg ED0798CF-FC5C-4D99-B7B6-B5EA5FA820F5.jpeg A90ABF92-14EF-4DD8-9F6A-0D13A94ECDB1.jpeg 7E1997DE-3C38-4C22-92A4-E1BAED1F812F.jpeg 8EF734B0-7619-4B34-BD41-3AD0C8487CAD.jpeg 69E762DB-9DF8-4594-B84E-F555D2D7FEA8.jpeg A18A6F54-BA2A-4AF7-A359-80361473913D.jpeg D28B7CF4-9F35-43D7-8BB5-B682E75A4019.jpeg 4B1A4018-E0E7-43D8-ABD4-A81A73C41E82.jpeg A47FCF54-41DF-4DB3-A5B4-BD323AECDB8B.jpeg EF6837D2-D8D5-4011-B180-D2D385DCF9C4.jpeg D2982B2F-1ED3-4B96-B5E4-158A26E4E544.jpeg 105DBF69-FAD1-47DE-A58E-895590F35DDD.jpeg AE69B27A-B1C4-4B0A-8D4C-63669F9A506F.jpeg A84F32EB-5A55-45D3-858A-BAF92A989E7C.jpeg 49DF3E24-F0F4-49A3-85A8-6AFD79A32CB2.jpeg
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    Feb 21, 2006
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