SOLD Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special 4 H See Photos

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  1. Price:
    United States
    Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay Special 4 H Ebony Fretboard.

    $1250 Shipped

    Comes w/ OHSC and case candy.

    Will ship Continental US Only.
    PayPal only.

    The Good: this bass is amazing and other than the slight notch in the headstock (Please see Photos) is in excellent cosmetic condition. It is in perfect working order. Has had relatively light use and never left my home studio. No problems what so ever other than the afore mentioned notch in the headstock.

    The Bad: there is a slight notch in the headstock as depicted in the attached photos. As such I am listing this as Excellent condition and knocking the price down accordingly. If not for the notch in the headstock this bass would be Mint.

    Shoot me an offer but I think my opening price is pretty fair. 20210111_082447.jpg 20210111_082457.jpg 20210111_082440.jpg 20210111_082434.jpg 20210111_082424.jpg 20210111_082412.jpg 20210111_082407.jpg 20210111_082359.jpg 20210111_082346.jpg 20210111_082338.jpg
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  2. Its a "notch" not a "ding". Pay attention. Lol
    Thanks man.
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    Where's my pickguard? You never sent it and it's been MONTHS.