ernie ball strings to blame?

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  1. i just recently purchased a olp mm2, looking to upgrade electronics. so i installed a seymour smb-4d pickup and a seymour pre-amp(thanks to Georynn;)) looking to warm the sound up and give it more mid-tone punch. and while it has done that considerably, especially for the E and A strings, i have to admit i was disappointed with the end result.:meh: the D and G strings just sound weak and zingy, and have this incessant F# ring (mainly the D string) and is amplified by boosting the mids. it did come stock with some ernie ball strings, so im thinking (and hoping) that they are to blame. i was considering flat wounds, but i still like to rock out too, so i dont want to lose that aggresive growl type tone, i just want something warmer, something that the high strings will speak up on, and definitely not as bright. anyone with the same setup or other wise that could offer up a suggestion or two?

    thanks in advance
  2. Ampeg SVT

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    Sep 9, 2006
    try out a different brand and see what happens?

    also is the pickup adjusted so one side is higher than the other?

    look at the DR Sunbeams or Daddario Nickels
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    Dec 3, 2006
    or hi beams ^^
  4. thanks i'll give some of these a try! and ive tried playing with the pickup, with no help

  5. okay i had to settle on a set of dean markley blue steel strings because they were the only nickel wound strings they had in my local store, i guess ill just have to wait until i go to GC or order some. they did help some but not as much as i would have hoped, i guess thats why he has so many that hes trying to get rid of!