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Ernieball slinky strings wont stay on my stingray5

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Lakini's Juice, Jun 11, 2001.

  1. i just got some ernieball slinkys and i just tried to put them on my stingray5. but when i put them in the tuning keys in that little hole and start to tune the string, it starts to slip out of the hole it starts to get get tight and near the note it is suppose to be, it pops out. i have tried around 10 times. everytime it pops out. what kind i do to keep the string on my bass??
  2. JMX

    JMX Vorsprung durch Technik

    Sep 4, 2000
    Cologne, Germany
    A tip: When you restring, turn the machine head until that 'slot' that's on top of that little hole until it's parallel to the neck.
    Put the string end into that hole and bend it, so that you can put it through the gap on the headstock side of the turnkey. Bend the string firmly around the turnkey and hold it there with one hand. Now, tune up with the other hand, while keeping that string under tension.

    Hope you get my drift. You have to hold that string in place until it has enough tension to stay there by itself.

    P.S.: Some people here wrote about bad experiences with EB Slinky's, I never played them myself, though. Personally, I only play strings without silk ends. Whenever I played silk end strings, they gave me trouble.
  3. i have been doing everything but making the tunekey parallel to the neck. i will try that. thanks for your help man
  4. So is the Stingray5 your first bass? Or just the first time you've changed em?

    Heh. I ruined my first set of strings...didn't wrap em around the peg first. Just stuck em in the hole, and tightened em up. The edge of the tuner just broke the string when I tightened them...PLINK..CRAP :)
  5. no the stingray5 is not my first bass. i have changed strings before. and i have changed strings on the stingray5 before. but this is the first time that the strings have done this to me. but this is the first time i have used ernieball strings
  6. Yah, they don't have the silk wrap right? I used to break Ernie ball strings to much, so I changed strings around until I found something I was comfortable with. The EB's are good strings though...just didn't fit me well.

    The strings were prolly pulling out cause they didn't have the silk on em???
  7. yeah that is what i am thinking the prob is, there is no silk wrap stuff. and the stingray5 has huge tunekeys and holes. much bigger then my carvin. anyway, i still have not got them to stay on.
  8. I have a Stingray 5 (Now Fretless), and I used Slinky's all the time. Make sure you start with about 2-3" past the tunng peg. Cut the string and put a small kink i the end. Don't make it so it won't slip straight into the hole in the middle. Then push the string end allthe way into the hole. Bend it out the side of the slot, and crank so the winding goes UP the post, forcing tention downward, and binding the string in place. Make sure you have enough length to start with to wrap 3-4 wraps.
    BTW try ZON UltraSonic REGULARS. Big difference. Good Luck

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