Ernst Heinrich Roth Vs Juzek (Both Wilfer Basses?)

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Jon Fiala, May 11, 2016.

  1. Jon Fiala

    Jon Fiala

    Feb 9, 2016
    I didn't realized this until a couple weeks after the concert this picture is from, but if you'll take a look these two basses look very very similar. The cut of the F holes, the scroll(minus the tuners), the overall shape and stance of the instruments look dang near identical. So, what are these two instruments? Well, one is a 1956 Ernst Heinrich Roth hybrid, and the other is very valuable 1929 Juzek with a C extension on the top. The only key difference I noticed, having played both, is that Juzek has a fancy and iconic perfling pattern on the back. Other than this(and the tuners and color obviously), they look and feel very similar. Is this a coincidence?
    Well, possibly, there is paperwork out there stating that EHR did in fact construct their own double basses in West Germany. Juzek was known(to my best knowledge) to import some of their double basses from Wilfer.
    Can anyone tell me a little bit more about this, and if they are not both made by wilfer, what is the official name and styling of this pattern(other than the fact they are gamba cornered basses).
    Thanks for any info you can produce ahead of time!
  2. Jon Fiala

    Jon Fiala

    Feb 9, 2016
    roth vs ehr.jpg
  3. bassfiddlesteve

    bassfiddlesteve Your first second choice™

    Dec 3, 2003
    Hi Jon, I have a 1960 Ernst Heinrich Roth bass that has a similar shape. Ken Smith suggested that another German firm such as Wilfer or Hofner made these basses for Roth to sell under their own name, but when I contacted the current company (still family owned) they told me that they made their own basses. As far as a name for this shape, I think it's a just called a typical German gamba shape. I have another German bass made by Ehrfried Wunderlich and it has a similar shape.

    Here's my Ernst Heinrich Roth bass:

    Here's the EHR insignia on the back:

    Here's a letter that the original owner received when he wrote to Scherl & Roth. The letter is signed by Heinrich Roth (E.H. Roth's son) who founded the company in the US to import instruments for the student market. The Ernst Heinrich Roth instruments were their top of the line.

    - Steve
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