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Discussion in 'TalkBass Bazaar: Basses' started by steweDbass, Mar 10, 2014.

  1. steweDbass

    steweDbass Commercial User

    Jun 9, 2013
    Tokyo Japan
    Bacchus / STR Endorsing Artist and direct Dealer of new and used MIJ Brands.
    Hello again. :bassist: Here we have an Ex-Demo ESP Edwards bass going for $900 including global shipping from Japan. (We ship with EMS tracked, insured 5 day shipping).


    This bass is in mint condition except for a tiny ding on it's upper hip and some scuffing on the pick guard due to slap style playing when it was tested out in store.


    This bass is in ESP's hand built mid range brand 'Edwards' line up. It is their affordable version of their high end ESP AMAZE model.
    The materials are high grade, you have a solid ash body with a quilted maple top, and a hard maple neck and fret board,
    The main differences between this and the high end model are three things.
    1. The scale length is 34" on the Edwards range but 35" on the ESP high end model.
    2. The pre amp and pick-ups are third party being Seymour Duncan as opposed to ESP custom shop.
    3. Price. The Edwards version is around $1200 new, where as the ESP Amaze is more like $3500 and up!

    Sound wise this packs a lot of punch, has good even response up and down the neck and feels easy to play.
    You can dial up a comprehensive array of tones to suit any style.
    It actually feels very similar to it's more expensive cousin the ESP AMAZE, and the hardware is nearly as good too.

    Looks wise it is hard to tell the difference, it looks just as good as the Amaze. The finish is gorgeous, a high gloss hard wearing
    urethane lacquer. The neck is treated with a satin emollient that keeps the neck smooth and satin to the touch but protected from
    moisture. The instrument is very rugged and gets a good 9/10 on my rating. :)

    Comes with gig bag, boxed and with warranty.

    Return policy.

    We accept returns within one week of arrival. Refunds will be given provided the instrument is in the exact same condition it was sent out in. If any extra marks, scuffs or damage are present we will deduct a fee (usually around $100 depending on the severity) to cover the depreciation in value. We will notify the customer of any such issues before hand.
    The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

    Please PM me or reply to this thread with any questions.