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ESP F-204???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by hellrazor213, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Where can I find a new F-204 for sale? Once the 204 was remade into the 254, the 204 just got cast away. Do any of you know a website where they are still selling the F-204 brand new??

    And why was it even cast away to begin with? It seems that the only thing majorly different between the two is that the 254 is a Neck-Throu, while the 204 is bolt-on...Thats no reason to get rid of it altogether...hell, they dont even sell them anymore on MusiciansFriend...

    if you know of some other reasons why the F-204 has disappeared, please let me know...

    thanks guys...
  2. 254's supposed to be new 204 :meh:

    why not just get 254?
    they are pretty much same instrument (except neck through, bolt on part) and they are around same price ($480)

    if you want 204 that bad, look it on e-bay for a used one
  3. I understand that the 254 is the new 204, but what I was wondering was why they made the new model and just stop selling the older one. Was it a technical problem? Was too many being sent back for malfunctions? I dont understand why they wouldnt still sell both if the only difference was the way the neck was made. That way if you wanted bolt-on then you could buy the 204, but if you wanted neck-throu then you could buy the 254...there must be a reason that it was cast away and that is what im asking about.

    I want the original 204, but if there is a major reason why it was taken off the shelf then I dont want to get it. So if any of you know any other reason why it was cast aside, please let me know.

    And does anyone know where they are still selling the 204's brand new? not used on ebay...new!

    thanks again guys...
  4. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    There are probably no more original F series left. I got my 205 last year and it was a closeout item at that time. You have to get either the 25x models, or the low end F104. There is really no reason to keep making a bolt on and a neck thru version of this bass since that would require essentially two different productions lines with their associated machinery.

    The new F series use Agathis bodies as well, probably in an effort to keep the costs down so they can offer a neck thru bass in the $500 region (not too common). Agathis is a lighter wood that many people consider sub par in regards to tone. Personally I don't think the F series suffers much, I can detect no difference between my F205 and a new F255, though the new bass feels tighter and more connected because of the neck.

    I'd say just grab a 254. Its probably a better instrument overall, though maybe not by very much. Personally I'd have rather seen them retain the mahogony body and put full active PUs in rather than go with the neck thru, but whatever.

    Its still a great bass for the price.
  5. now that I know its going to be nearly impossible to find a 204, I just seem to want it even more!...why is it that we want only what we can't have?

    oh well, its my problem now...

    thanks guys for the input...
  6. Tash


    Feb 13, 2005
    Bel Air Maryland
    Why do you want the 204 so badly? I own a 205, I've played several 254/5s. The newer ones feel and sound slightly better.

    If you want an "original" I'll sell you my 205, been thinking about getting a 255 with actives :)
  7. jerrydbur1


    Apr 18, 2010
    i had to send my f204 in 3 times to esp the neck kept warping on me the guy at esp said that was there defect