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ESP F205

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by karxix, May 26, 2003.

  1. karxix


    May 26, 2003
    anybody knows anything about this bass? has tried it? would recommend it?
  2. hey man, funny thing you just posted this thread. I too posted one and no one really gave me helpful info. I did a lot of homework looking into it, reviews and all.

    I think it is a wicked looking bass, but from what I hear, people either love it or brutally abhor it.

    But one thing is for certain from all the things I hear, the B string is a disappointment for its 35 inch scale...but I haven't actually gotten to play the bass, so I really can't give my opinion.

    Check out the reviews at Harmony-Central, they've been pretty good with helping me find out what people think of these things.

    All in all, I also heard that the bass has a really good tone for rock\metal or any heavy stuff.
  3. karxix


    May 26, 2003
    oh ok 10x alot :)
  4. karxix


    May 26, 2003
    K5 - http://www.music123.com/item/?itemno=50779&t=1#tab
    Washburn Force 5 Exotic Neck Thru Bass - http://www.music123.com/item/?itemno=95695&t=1#tab
    Warwick RockBass Corvette Special Edition 5 String - http://www.music123.com/item/?itemno=50683&t=1#tab - + reviews
    Yamaha RBX775 - http://www.music123.com/item/?itemno=83346&t=1#tab
    Ibanez SRX705 - http://www.music123.com/item/?itemno=90435&t=1#tab
    Ibanez BTB405QM - http://www.music123.com/Item/?itemno=57537

    of all the above basses, the k5 seems to have the best ratings had very postivite reviews that are NOT korn/fieldy oriented at all....and it's price is really good!
    any suggestions guys, what do u think??
    i think my options fall on the above basses, what do u guys recommend/have tried......am interested in some opinions bcs i would like some1 who has one or smthg to comment bcs i can't judge from playing 10 mins in a store
  5. Of the basses on your list, I've played all but the Washburn and Yamaha.

    The K5 was an amazing bass. when I first saw it I wasn't gonna bother, cuz I can't stand the clicky sound fieldy gets outta it, but when I tried it, it sounded simply amazing. It was light, it was comfortable, it was sexy and just played so nicely. It was a complete throw off considering it's an Ibanez bass.

    Of the Yamaha's I've played, they all rocked really hard, had a punchy powerful sound. They look nice and they're well priced.

    Warwick Rockbasses are nice and all but they aren't the real deal. I'd save that warwick spot in your bass collection for a real genuine warwick in the future, not some tease bass that happens to be great for the price.

    Hope I've been help again.

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