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  1. Mom and wife pitched in together for my Christmas present. My wife and I picked it out. I've been a fan of the ESP 400 level basses with the EMG 35dc, and 40dc pickups for a while. Great gigging basses that don't break the bank but are great for hard rock and metal. I currently own a f-415fm which has been my main gigging bass since I got it. I'm gonna set this one up for BEAD tuning and the dimarzio cliplock which I put on all my basses these days but otherwise leave it as is.
    thats probably the best flamed maple top I've ever seen on a viper. A friend of mine who moved away to go work for sweetwater had one these so I'd actually played one before. IMG_1897.JPG IMG_1898.JPG IMG_1896.JPG Bass was $380 used with shipping and and I had enough left over to get a new ESP hardcase for it from sweetwater which put it just over $500
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    That looks great, 'grats.

    If I was in the market for a EB style bass that one would be at the top of my list, just for the EMG array. The five piece neck is nice too. LTD has some gems for very reasonable money. :thumbsup:
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    Nice to be able to get the present that you want, particularly with a little help from a great wife and mom. I agree on the flaming, that's near perfect and pretty.
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  4. For real just to buy those particular pickups aftermarket is $200. And I really dig them. Nice deep sounding lows and they work great with overdrive, distortion and fuzz on top of having nice clean tones. I use a darkglass b7k ultra, darkglass duality fuzz and sans amp RBI with my hard rock originals band. Definetly my favorite pickups by far.
    IMG_1864.JPG IMG_1651.JPG
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    I know, right? Love EMG stuff.

    Speaking of reasonably priced LTD basses, just snagged a BB4. Sounds amazing, super light weight, plays beautifully. Indonesian made, not as high quality build as the Korean LTD stuff, but very nice. I will change out the less-than-stellar stock bridge with a Hipshot "A" that I have laying around. It could use a full shielding job as well. Overall, a lotta bass for cheap money. Naturally, it's been discontinued. :rolleyes:



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  6. Cool bass. I haven't seen any of those in person yet. Looks like an ash body looking at the woodgrain. Like that halibut style headstock shape.
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    Thanks. Supposedly the top is ash, and the wings are alder.
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