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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by darkfish01, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. darkfish01


    Feb 11, 2005
    San Marcos, Tx
    Hello all. I'm in the market of a new bass and have a really tight budget. I came across this beauty: an ESP B154. Active electronics, flame maple in see thru red or blue, humbuckers, and sweet looks. What I'm wondering about is what everyone thinks of this bass, or even ESP as a company. Your thoughts?
  2. darkfish01


    Feb 11, 2005
    San Marcos, Tx
  3. Specifications

    Construction: Bolt-on

    Scale: 34 in.

    Body: Agathis with flamed maple top

    Neck/Fretboard: Maple/rosewood

    Inlays: Dots with model name at 12th Fret

    Pickups: ESP SB-4 set

    Electronics: Volume, balance, ESP ABQ-2 active EQ

    Hardware: Black

    Bridge: ESP DB-4

    Binding: None

    Frets: 24 XJ

    I own an ESP LTD F-204, and I really love this bass. I've been playing off and on since about '76, and although I haven't owned hundreds of basses, I've played on quite a few.

    The 154 you're describing sells for about 280.00 NEW. I'll bet it's a good bass. If you can, find out where it was made, ok? It won't be made in the USA, but if it's from Korea I'd consider it.. if from Indonesia, I'd think twice. I had a chance to check out an F104 made in Indonesia, and it was a serious POS.
    If you've got the chance to puts your hands on it, see if you can open up the back electronics cover and have a look. My F204 is really neat with good workmanship, the F104 looked like a 4 year old had done the work.

  4. Hollow Man

    Hollow Man Supporting Member

    Apr 28, 2003
    Springfield, VA
    I own a B-304 (not sure where it was made), and it really is a very nice bass. It's solid, well-built, and it sounds great with the EMG's in it. For what ESP sells their basses for, if they're anything like the one I picked up, then they're great bargains.
  5. glnflwrs


    Jan 25, 2005
    Hesperia, CA
    I have an ESP LTD Viper 254 made in Indonesia. Price was $449.00. It has the EMG HZ35 passive pups with the active 3 band EQ.

    I love this bass. It is well balanced, sounds great even unplugged but plugged in it growls. Or hums, or thumps, it's totally complete in the sound it will produce.

    LTD is ESP's 'economy' line but my Viper is far and away superior to the Epiphones and Yamahas I've played.
  6. My F204 probably has the same pickups, and possibly even the same onboard EQ setup as the Viper. I hope you didn't get offended when I made that comment about "made in Indonesia".. It's just that the F104 I was sent by mistake was really messed up. Since I had already played and checked out a F204 made in Korea, I assumed that the made in Indonesia basses might be something to stay clear of. Sorry..

  7. glnflwrs


    Jan 25, 2005
    Hesperia, CA
    No prob Magneto, I know what I have and you surely know what you had, no offense meant and none taken.

    The 254 Viper was new in '04 and they might have been paying close attention to the build. Might not get a sweet one now, who knows?
  8. Cerb


    Sep 27, 2004
    I actually own an f-104 and consider it a pretty well built bass. Maybe I just got lucky :cool:.
  9. Nah, I think it's probably more a case of me opening my mouth because I got sent a lemon. I received the F104 by mistake, and I was not happy. There was something rattling in the electronics cavity, so I opened it to look. The battery holder had broken loose (it was only hot glued to the bass cavity?) and was flopping around. The nut on the fretboard looked like someone had taken a dull butter knife and gouged the slots.
    When I plugged it in, one of the pickups did not work. Not a big surprise considering the damage in the electronics pit.

    The bass did have a really good feel, was setup up nicely,and had a good tone, but I sent it back quickly..

    I apologize to the hard working people in Indonesia who do quality work. I guess they fired the person who built the one I was describing!

  10. glnflwrs


    Jan 25, 2005
    Hesperia, CA

    Mag, you're a hoot! And a pretty amiable one, too.

    Gotta expect that from a Texan I guess.

    I lived in/around Houston/Galveston for over 18 years. It's a whole other country.

    :cool: :) ;)
  11. I have a F104 I liked the bass to put 200.00 into it to have the neck worked on by a good Luthier plays awesome now, probably will never get rid of it may throw some emgs in it next