Esperanza Spalding live recording of recording aka T minus 77 hours

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    For facebook users:

    From her website:
    In her new work entitled 'Exposure', composer, vocalist and bassist Esperanza Spalding will create an album of music in just 3 days, every second of the process broadcast live for a global audience.

    The three-day livestream will begin on Facebook Live on September 12th, giving the audience a chance to see what it takes not just to create an album, but to create an album entirely composed on the spot.

    Once the cameras start rolling, the audience will witness every second of Esperanza's process, including her eating and taking breaks to sleep in the studio. A monitor will also capture and show Esperanza the comments from the live audience, allowing them to participate in the creative process. Making it the first album ever created entirely on Facebook Live, not just for an audience, but with an audience, for an unprecedented 77 hour live feed.

    After the record is finished, a limited edition 7,777 CDs will be released. The packaging of each CD will include a piece of the original notepaper Esperanza will have used to write the lyrics and music, allowing those who witnessed the process to own a piece of the creation itself, directly from the source.

    Just pre-ordered an LP

    I suppose this could also be posted under Bassists [BG], Bassists [DB], and Music Theory, Technique, Jazz Technique, Band Management...shoot, from the shots in the console room it could be Recording Gear and Equipment, so feel free to post in other forums if you feel like it should be shared :thumbsup:
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    very cool
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    So great. There's another thread on this in the Bassists Forum as well.
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