ESPN's Stuart Scott R.I.P.

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    Awww bummer. He is so awesome. Thanks my brother for the memories and entertainment.


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    I second this.

    Another class act gone. ESPN won't be the same. R.I.P.
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  3. He fought the good fight for quite a long time. I really will miss Stuart. He was a big part of growing up; the local news sucked, so I watched Sportscenter every morning before school or work. Stuart was a big piece of that. I even got turned on to some music by him because he was into that smooth R&B thing that I didn't know much about. He was soo good at what he did; he made it seem completely effortless. You'll be missed Stu! RIP.
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    Well that sucks.
  5. I never even knew he was ill, much less that he had been for so long. I think it's a testament to his character that he kept bringing it.

    Sucks for sure.
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  6. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    To quote him. Stuart Scott was "cooler than the other side of the pillow'.
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    Dang. He was a fixture on that set from a very young age if he passed at 49. Early success.

    Feel no pain now, brother. You're in good hands.
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    ESPN needs to see to it that his kids have everything they need because he pretty much reinvented the nature of Sports Broadcasting. I'm sure he left his kids in good shape, but if a company ever owed an employee, ESPN owed Stuart Scott.
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    I will be flipping my pillow over tonight to the cooler side. RIP Stuart.
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    Easily one of my favorite folks in the sports media world. Sad about his passing indeed. By all accounts he was a very cool person.
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    Stuart Scott did more to broaden and deepen the English language in America than just about any other person I can think of. His verbiage and attitude were never 'ghetto' but, defiantly 'black' to the vast majority of white American ears...and I say that in the MOST complimentary sense of that observation. He has long been one of my 'language' heroes. American English is constantly evolving, and Stuart Scott did a titanic job of giving it a push in a more modern and inclusive direction.
    His sense of humor...his obvious love for his job...his obvious love for his colleagues, and theirs for him...and his brave, brave fight to see another day with his beloved family are all a part of his legacy, but (IMHO) his service to the English we speak today is the capstone. He will surely be missed.
  13. Was very sad to hear this news. Last I heard (or at least thought) his cancer was in full remission. Always payed attention when he showed up on TV, and seemed like a genuinely good dude. Was heartbreaking to watch him interact with his daughters in the rebroadcast of his lifetime achievement award speech.

    I can't personally attest to the accuracy of this statement, seeing as how I wasn't necessarily around for his early days and though I always found him entertaining, his speech isn't at all far off from what I'm used to hearing. That being said, I've never given any thought to his role in exposing the world to "Black American English" via something other than NWA videos. Makes me love the guy even more :thumbsup:

    EDIT: I say that not on the basis of my blackness, but on the basis of my love for language stuff
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    ... "Me too", said the 60 year old white guy. :)