ESPs, EMGs, Kustom, and D' Addario Pro Steels

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  1. Tone wise, I hate the mid range. Yeah I know... but either way I like a bright high end for good note definition on the attack and a fat low end compressed to reduce the thunder. I've played a lot of basses through a lot of amps over my short 15 years of playing and to me nothing beats a neck-thru 35" with EMGs and old pro steels (they start out super clanky and bright but mellow out to a good clean tone). Tone controls set to max bass, all mids cut, highs at half. GEQ with only cuts to 10k+ and 50 and below as a LPF/HPF to get rid of the frequencies that don't matter.

    Unfortunately all my gear is old early 2000s and impossible to replace. It will eventually die and become more expensive to fix than to replace. Anyone have any ideas on some more modern basses / rigs as replacement? The only limitations are: must be a neck-thru bass (i set up my basses for the lowest uniform action possible), no Ampegs (owned a SVT-4Pro and portaflex 500. I hate them), No Fenders (hate them for a lot of reasons), and the rig must be solid state (dont need tone from the tubes). Don't care if the pups are active EMGs or Duncans, they both sound the same to me with the EQ settings I use. Below is a list of my gear:

    ESP LTD DF-404 (Tribal) EMG40DCs
    ESP LTD F-404FM (Tribal) EMG40DCs
    ESP LTD F-405FM (Tribal) EMG45DCs

    Kustom Groove 1200HD (used purely for power)
    Kustom G810H
    dbx 131s GEQ for precision cuts
    BBE Maxcom set for slowish attack, fast release, 3:1, getting 6db of compression.

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  3. I've owned an M6 and M9, they have tube preamps and Mesa grossly over prices their equipment (IMO). Don't know about the subways but I'm better off getting a pre and power amp at this point anyway considering all I need is power and my tone will comes from the bass itself. Never owned a Spector, but have played a few and to my knowledge the only neck-thru I've seen is their Legend series and they're pretty over priced new as well. Not to mention the extra I would have to spend to replace the Aguilar pickups. I have nothing against Korean made basses, all my ESPs are Korean, but most of these are made in the same factories by the same people. "You get what you pay for" is more like "You buy the brand name, and get what everyone else has" when it comes to companies like that. I guess I could always get a new ESP LTD F-415FM, it's the same bass as what I have now just without the tribal inlays.
  4. I could go the other route and just buy a Kiesel neck-thru blank and make my own bass now that I think about it. I hear fEARful has good cabinet designs as well.
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    If you take care of that gear, I don't see any reason it can't last as long as you are playing. Especially the basses.