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  1. Hey guys. One of my mates recently gave me a bunch (almost all I believe) of the Marcus Miller CD's. Of course Im going to listen to everything but are there any songs that I should really keep my ears out for? I already know Power is a good one, but are there any others that just cry out to be listened to?
  2. just DONT listen to power of soul.....if you absolutely love hendrix/band of gypsies....i think marcus kills the song....

    but look out for Frankenstien, Burning Down The House and the staple Run For Cover
  3. i like boomerang on the M2 cd i think that one is well done
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    Mar 22, 2002
    "Teen Town" (originally played fingerstyle by Jaco) was one the first songs I´ve heard from him. Still one of my favs to admire his slap abilities.