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Essex A# fret buzz

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by OxJohnson, May 28, 2007.

  1. Long time reader but this is my first post! Unfortunately it is with a problem...

    I recently purchased an Essex (SX) bass, an SPJ-62 to be precise. I went ahead and did the whole set-up thing... but I can't seem to get rid of a buzz on the A string when I finger an A#. There is also the same issue on the E string to a lesser extent when I finger a F. It sounds like they are both buzzing against the top of the 2nd fret wire.

    Here is what I have tried thus far:
    Loosen the truss rod.
    Check the fret for high spots.
    Raise the saddles.... lower the saddles.

    Here is what I noticed though... It would appear that the neck pocket is 1/32 of an inch higher (thicker) on the E side of the neck than the G. Would this cause the problem? If so, what is the solution? If not, any other ideas?!

    I contacted Kurt at Rondo with all of the info but the last part (I just noticed it) and he has been great. I just wanted to get some ideas before becoming more of a PITA to him!

    Thanks all.

    Oops... it is thinner on the E side... higher on the G side. So the E side sits lower in the pocket. Again, I don't know if this really matters or not.
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