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  1. I've always been interested in Essex, and haven't heard a bad thing about them.
    Reading that they are as good and in some cases better than MIM Fenders (are they?) I decided to see if I could find them locally.

    The only places I've managed to find are Ebay and a couple of stores.

    I have a couple of questions though.

    1) Are the following the same as their American counterparts?

    Essex Jazz bass

    Essex Precision bass

    Now the reason I want to know that, is because first of all, they are named differently than what appears on the Rondo website.

    The next two Essex basses I have never seen anywhere, but Australia.

    Essex Cobra Jazz bass

    Essex Scorpion Jazz bass

    Now while the last two aren't exactly my cup of tea, I'm interested in why it appears that Australia has a couple of Essex basses which I haven't been able to find anywhere else.

    Are the Australian Essex basses completely different (and possibly of lower quality) than American Essex basses?
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    Sep 17, 2002
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    THe top two are definately Rondo SX basses, but they are older stock ones. The turnover of instruments at Rondo is huge and the decals seem to have changed over time.

    Cant comment aboujt the bottom two but they do look a bit strange!
  3. I thought the first two probably were the same as the Rondo models.

    I'm thinking of actually buying an Essex jazz and precision basses, which still comes up about $200 less than a MIM Fender Jazz.
    If the quality is as good as everyone says, it's more than likely what I'll do.
  4. How Bizarre! :eyebrow:

    The Aussie basses are both shown with a J/J pup configuration, yet the bodies are quite different. And I am NOT digging those inlays in the fretboard at ALL.

    I dunno :confused:
  5. Also from melmusic

    Perhaps you should contact them. Also, I think this a call to anyone in Melbourne to go on a fact finding mission.

    I'd be completely interested in getting an SX Jazz if they're that cheap.
  6. I like the green one and this one. I am sure the quality is good for the oz bound ones too. "Any irreparable guitars will be returned to the factory and request the factory manufacture again." Pres. Tsai of TeamCo. I am wating for them to build the 62 series in a fretless...
  7. I'm in Melbourne, and it's school holidays at the moment. I'm thinking of going to that Melmusic place and having a look around.

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