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Essex SJB 62 CT?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by beckyy, Nov 21, 2004.

  1. beckyy


    Nov 21, 2004
    I'm a beginner, who's thinking of getting a SX SJB 62 CT, and I was wondering what people thought about this bass. I searched for threads on this bass, and I found threads on SX basses, but none on SJB 62 CT specifically. Overall, people seem to like the SX basses a lot, but I want to know what did you like/didn't like about the SJB? How's the quality of the bass, the neck, sound, etc?

    Should I just buy this bass or save up longer for an Ibanez SRX400?

    Anyone an owner of this bass that would like to answer my questions? I'd appreciate it, thanks!
  2. I want the one with the chrome and the green. i would go for the sx and have it professionally set up.
    But I want an unlined fretless.

    I would prefer that pukey advocado green so i have altered the color on this thumb. i don't like this color either but it is getting close. The color I need must look like the appliances from the early 1970s.
  3. Ug that was the color of my kitchen! You want a dishwasher that color? Or how about some vinal flooring?!
  4. Luciano_Bass

    Luciano_Bass Guest

    Nov 6, 2004
    What does all the metal above hte pickups and the bridge do?
  5. It makes you look cool, impedes playability and possibly increases the magnetic field. I don't know but I want one with that stuff. I play over the bridge pickup and for growl or ballads or dub sytle I play where the neck meets the body.

    Yes. I want a backup bass in that color. It is ugly, but I wouldn't be surprised if it came back so you should hold off remodeling your kitchen.
  6. Glenn D.

    Glenn D.

    Aug 20, 2002
    Fort Collins, CO
    It's new enough that there aren't that many owners yet. I've got one arriving tomorrow, so give me a couple of days to check it out and I'll post a reply.

    Glenn D.
  7. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA
    The covers do nothing.
  8. WRONG. They look cool.

    As for the bass, SX basses are generally "you get what you pay for" basses. The general thoughts around here are that they are damn good for the money, but some do have bad experiences with which they will tell you not to bother. It's hit or miss with these when ordering online, but if you go in person you can check them out and get a good one. I'd say go for it as a beginner bass, better than a squier IMO. If don't want to risk getting a dud - Save up for that Ibanez.
  9. Luciano_Bass

    Luciano_Bass Guest

    Nov 6, 2004
    Would you pay extra cash for those mad metal bits on it?
  10. I would be more inclined to buy that lake Placid Blue jazz and then slap a fender jazz pickup cover on it. I have an old P with a cover over the pickup, and I actually like it. It looks awesome, and it doesn't really mess with my playing. I wouldn't want the one on the bridge, though. That would make changing strings a huge pain, and it would seriously get in the way if you like to play near the bridge.
  11. Whafrodamus


    Oct 29, 2003
    Andover, MA
    So do I, but I don't do anything :p.
  12. Don't lie - It's bad for the soul.

  13. Yes, I would gladly pay extra for a little chrome. Chrome was stylish and somewhat ubiquitous on cars, appliances and even furniture back in the 50s to early 60s.

    It looks cool because if its retro vibe. And yes, coolness comes at a price. But that price is marginal on the essex bases. 139 clams is not much for a playable bass that looks cool.

    I simply want an unlined fretless that looks like the green one above.
  14. Hmmm.

    I actually bought one of these basses a couple weeks ago and I love it. I own a bunch of different basses now. A rickenbacker, MIA P-Deluxe, MIA Jazz 5, MIM Jazz 4 and a few others. I've been playing my SX SJB62 CT almost exclusively lately. It's got a very good sound to it and the neck feels really nice.

    Frankly I think I might buy another one, defret it and then rewind the pickups. I'm heavy into pickup design/construction/rewinding and I've been goofing around with a few ideas.

    Anybody who buys one of these won't be unhappy.
  15. Offbase


    Mar 9, 2000
    I've bought 3 SX shortscale J's. It is "hit or miss", but for the money, I didn't care. I have to admit to being po'd after getting the latest one, though, as it came with more deep scratches on the body than I've personally put on all my basses combined over a 20 year-plus period, and a non-functional tone knob that seems to be stuck at "O", meaning that I have a new scratched up "new" bass and must now pay to replace a tone pot, unless I desire an exclusively "Motown Machine". In all fairness, I was pretty much happy with the other two, and God permitting I can continue to come up with disposable cash, I'll continue to buy them. The SR400 isn't the greatest, I've owned them. Get a "good" SX, and change the parts as you can afford to. In the end, for the same money, you'll likely have a better bass. :)
  16. If you got a defective bass just contact Kurt at Rondo Music. The customer support is excellent and I'm sure he'll make it right.