Essex SJB-62 MG

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  1. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    Hey guys. i'm selling my Lake Placid Blue (discontinued) Essex SJB-62 MG. It's a Jazz copy. beautiful deep lake placid blue color with matching headstock. white/black 2ply white pickguard. 34.5" scale-tension nice and tight. There is totally nothing wrong with this bass. i love it to death, i just need the money for another bass i'm getting (i'm meandering into the world of fretless). I will also include a White Pearloid pickguard i just got, but it doesn't fit (you could drill holes, or use it on a project). This bass just 1 month old. i ordered it on 7/30 and recived it on 8/4/03. I didn't have to do any setup at all. the action was at a perfect height for me- high, but not too tight. just enough so you can dig in, but not so much that it hurts your hands. there is barely any fretbuzz at all. there is a little bit when you go way up (like around the 17th/18th) but there is none on all the other frets. this has a nice fretjob. i know some of the earlier Essex's had some fret issues, but this one is perfect. I compared it to my friends MIA Fender Jazz, and it almost won! this thing sounds identical to a Jazz. it easily beats MIM's and Squiers. I have never played an MIJ so i wouldn't know what that is like. This bass is totally built solid-neck joint is nice and tight. The hardware is good. the tuners are very stable and keep it in tune very well. the only thing about this is the pots are a little scratchy. when you spin the two volumes, you can feel something, and it scratches just barely in the amp (you really have to listen for it) but the tone pot is perfect (pots would be an easy, cheap fix). This bass has absoultely no scratches or dings or anything! its is in mint condition. Like i said before, its very solid. it's not light like some others, but its no '75 Ash Jazz. its a little heavy, but its nice. very very sturdy. Look at the pics attached.

    I'm asking $110 + shipping, no trades, please.