Essex(SX) upgraded pups. F/S

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  1. Now with pics!! Very sweet Bass. Maple neck/PearlBlock inlays. Love the natural aged finish. One small ding by underside/rear. Not noticeable. SORRY for the fingerprints on the control board. I just cleaned her and gave it a nice set-up.
    Upgraded the pups to Fender Deluxe,(Not in pics),from a 98 Jazz deluxe. I can install any pickups you want. I have many here in stock.(Sounds the best with Fralins, but they're pricey).
    Very tight, punchy,full and an allaround great bass.
    $210.00 plus shipping. Can't beat that price!!!
    Please reply here or to:
    NO PM's. Paypal preferred.
    NO Trades. I have too much stuff now! :D
    Maybe trade for a nice single space rackmount tuner plus a lil cash.
  2. Cmon guys. This is a really good backup or mid-level bass. I'll even include a gig bag. The ash body and pickups alone are worth what I'm asking! The bass sounds great and plays just as good!!
  3. Moxa13


    Apr 14, 2003
    I am trying to get the money together. Hopefully by this weekend. By all means, if you get another buyer before I get my act together. SELL IT!
  4. Moxa13


    Apr 14, 2003
    How sickeningly Ironic

    I went home for lunch, and my washer is leaking water all over the place. If I get any money, it will have to go to that. sorry :bawl: