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Estate Sale - The Last Few Things ...

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by krwebb, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. krwebb


    Sep 13, 2010
    Hello TalkBass community. You may have seen my recent posting titled “Bass Widow in Denver/Boulder Area Looking for a Little Help Selling Gear."

    The awesome moderator team here at TalkBass have given me a membership so I can list the ads for the Estate Sale of my late husband's bass gear.

    - I will negotiate on all prices; you can PM me with questions. Please do not hesitate to make me an offer on one of these. I will happily entertain any reasonable offers :)

    - All local sales are final, no returns accepted and can be paid be paid by cash, money order or Pay Pal.

    - All sales involving shipping will allow a seven (7) return period only if the equipment is not received as described and pictured below and can be paid by Pay Pal or money order.

    - Purchaser pays shipping costs with no markup as identified after you send me your address.

    This is the last bit of music stuff available for sale.

    I will be posting some music related artwork for sale in the miscellaneous category within the next couple of days -- John Lennon & Ron Wood artwork. You can PM if you are interested before I post them.

    Thank you to all of you for all of your kind words and support!
    Karla Webb

    LaBella Deep Talkin’ Flats, 5-string set (.128, .109, .089, .069, .049). BROKEN IN. Price Reduced to $35.00

    They are cut for a 4+1 headstock, so the only question will be your G string if it is the furthest from the bridge. If the B is furthest away you'll be fine. The length of the G is 37" (in between the silk end and the metal wound areas).


    Boss BCB-3 Plastic Pedal Case, holds three Boss sized pedals, excellent condition. INCLUDES TWO PATCH CABLES. Price Reduced to $15.00


    Individual Bass Strings -- $5/each OR All 16 for $55

    ghs strings - Roundwound-Dynamite Alloy .065 ... qty: 1

    SIT - .045 Round Wound, Stainless Steel, Long Scale ... qty: 6

    SIT - .080 Round Wound, Stainless Steel, Long Scale ... qty: 1

    SIT - .100 Round Wound, Stainless Steel, Long Scale ... qty: 4

    SIT - .125 Round Wound, Stainless Steel, Long Scale ... qty: 1

    Super Wound - 'Five-O-Five' Roundwound .045 ... qty: 2

    Super Wound - 'Five-O-Five' Roundwound .105 ... qty: 1


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