No longer available Ethos Custom strap

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    Oct 31, 2014
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    This is my second Ethos Custom strap, my go to is a green dragon version for my natural colored bass. I sold the darkish red bass that I used this one with so I no longer need it. I have used this reversed with the black side out occassionally and it feels just as good. Great straps with just the right amount of padding and very comfortable.

    Ethōs signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is backed with a glove-soft, black buffalo lining for maximum player comfort.

    Width - 2.5"
    Length - Adjustable from 45" to 56"

    I believe they airbrush the color, so there's some discoloration near the holes and the cracking is in the paint, not the leather - see pics.

    Pretty sure this model was discontinued but it's similar to this one:
    Kurg- Red Dragon Guitar Strap