SOLD Euphonic Audio EA-Wizzy-110

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    Hi. Up for sale is a mint condition EA Wizzy 110. This is a fantastic cab for jazz gigs, rehearsals, upright bass or electric. Though small it reproduces the full range of bass tones, down to a low B on a 5-er. Playing a Rob Allen MB2 fretless with this cab and you have nearly the tone of an upright. It is LIGHT, and produces far more sound than its size implies. I've driven it with a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 for the last 10 years. No problem, just excellent sound and lots of it. It even has a lt-back bracket. See the pics.

    Euphonic Audio is well known and respected. Just check out how many of their amps and cabs have been posted on TB, and are Sold. Nearly all of them!

    This cab is the older kind with black tolex. They have now started making them in brown,but with the same specs.

    Wizzy-110 - Euphonic Audio

    • Configuration: 1×10 bass cabinet
    • Woofer: Proprietary EA 10″ neodymium woofer
    • Tweeter: Integral ‘whizzer’ cone
    • Frequency Response: 45Hz to 5.5kHz
    • Sensitivity (2.83Vrms): 102dB @ 1m
    • Sound Pressure: 126dB @ 1m
    • Power Handling: 250 watts
    • Impedance: 4 ohms
    • Connection Type: Two Speakon Jacks
    • Handle: plastic strap handle on side
    • Size: 15″H x 12.5″W x 11.0″D
    • Weight: 17.8 lbs

    Shipping will be $30 to $50 in the USA. Feel free to come over to check it out in person, and then shipping will be $free. How about this: I'll pay the 1st $30 of shipping, and we split the rest.

    EA-Whizzy-10 2.jpg

    EA-110- - 1.jpg EA-110- - 2.jpg EA-110- - 3.jpg EA-110- - 4.jpg
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    Jun 18, 2006
    These are great cabs. GLWS
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    Nov 27, 2005
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    Thanks Rev.

    It's sold!