Euphonic Audio Gear FS (Update)

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  1. All right. I'm still downsizing my rig because I don't need it so large and I could use freeing up the money. Here is the stuff I am offering up for sale.

    Euphonic Audio iAmp $500

    This is the original iAmp. It is in good condition. There is a little bit of scratching on the top, but nothing that goes through the paint. It puts out 500W @ 4 Ohms and has a built in Sabine Tuner.

    Euphonic Audio CXL-112 $400

    12" coaxial driver, handles 350W. This is a pretty good pair for the iAmp, so if you are looking for a nice portable rig then pickup up both might work for you. There is a small dent in the grill, but it doesn't affect anything and can only be seen if you look carefully and usually from off angle.

    Buyer pays shipping on these items.

    Thanks for looking.

  2. Here is the CXL-112.

    I can email better quality pictures as well.

  3. murphy


    May 5, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    So Geoff,
    Why the cut off in communications?
    At least have the decency to let me know if you are changing your mind about a deal we had secured.
    My cab was all packed and labelled and ready to send.
    My first try at internet dealing and makes me think it might not be a safe option.
    Good that I didn't already send it and thought to be a little cautious

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  6. BassDmb18


    Dec 28, 2002
    Davie, FL
    I'll give it a try to bid (TheGolfingLefty18)
  7. Bump... CXL112 is available again.