SOLD Euphonic Audio iAMP 500 asking $350

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    Update 1/18/19: NL-210 Cab has been sold; iAMP 500 price reduced to $350, not including shipping.

    Used mid 2004 Euphonic Audio iAMP 500 and NL-210. Includes bag/case for amp and separate cover for cabinet. Cabinet handles 500W @ 8Ohms, and the amp puts out 350W @ 8Ohms or 500W @ 2-4Ohms. If you are not familiar with EA equipment, it's extremely clear, clean sound is coveted by many people on other threads. Using it has made me a much better bassist as I can hear nuances and mistakes more readily using this equipment.
    P1061038.JPG P1061039.JPG P1061040.JPG P1061037.JPG P1061043.JPG P1061042.JPG
    Rig only used for practice in smoke free environment; near mint condition with no scratches, dings or blemishes. Willing to negotiate splitting up amp/cab, but would prefer to sell together. Also open to local pickup/delivery (central NJ, near Princeton) if necessary. This rig was my primary practice setup for bass for more than a decade; in 2016 it was put into secured storage and has been used only sporadically since. Speak-on cable not included. Please message me for any questions or concerns or if you would like more pictures.

    Update 1/18/19: NL-210 Cab has been sold; iAMP 500 price reduced to $350.
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    Unfortunately, I'm trying to reduce my amount of equipment and I'm not really in the market for any gear so I can't really consider any trades. Right now the only gear I'm still interested in would be a DarkGlass compressor or a Dingwall bass so I don't think there'll be any trades.
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    One of my fav sounding rigs ever but I've been genz/genzler boy for a while now.
    Good stuff and glwts!