SOLD Euphonic Audio Rumble Seat

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    F0DDF3B5-C8F7-4C63-B50B-35FC05B79899.jpeg 06593495-ED45-4C5D-AA5A-23A9FACD670D.jpeg A90D6C01-DE5D-49AA-AB18-926E51637761.jpeg 5EFC2074-AF4A-42E8-92B6-0F96D446F6F5.jpeg 96DD40A5-30E8-4B24-9BB3-0396B0F16484.jpeg 6A22B4A1-542E-4DC0-B4EE-A84A7A1360C0.jpeg F0DDF3B5-C8F7-4C63-B50B-35FC05B79899.jpeg F0DDF3B5-C8F7-4C63-B50B-35FC05B79899.jpeg Hi TB,

    Designed with Michael Rhodes for Iso recording/feeling the kick of an amp.
    8 inch speaker 200 watt 8ohms.

    These iso cabs are discontinued.

    Local Sale Only.
    LA, SD, OC, IE.

    thanks for looking!
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    What kind of mic js that loaded with?
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    Jan 12, 2008
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    I used an AKG D112 mk2. It’s definitely a small space. Asked some friends who had experience with the same can and EA as well. Neuman km 84 and AKG 451. Were the suggestions.

    some people left the lid open as well. I’ve done that in a session or two. But it seemed to defeat the purpose.