Euphonic Audio VL vs CXL

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  1. Hi folks, I didn't get any bites over on the [BG] side with this question, maybe over here?

    Has anybody A/B'ed the old and new EA cabs? The specs for sensitivity and the bass frequency response point have been raised. The EA site has a whole page saying the bass response is still great, I was wondering if that corresponded with real world experience?

    I'm specifically looking at the 1X10, but any experience with the older vs newer models would be appreciated.
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    Bob Gollihur

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    I'll start off by saying I'm an EA dealer, so you can feel free to discount my report. However, also know that I bought and used EA VL-208 and VL-210 cabinets long before I became a dealer- basically, if I can't get behind a product, I don't get involved in selling it. And BTW, I still use my three VL cabs.

    I had one of the iAMP 350 combos in the house last weekend, received it in preparation to ship it, along with the matching CXL-110 cabinet. Since I've done business with the buyer before, I asked if I could hold onto it over the weekend so I could spend time with it - while I'd auditioned it before a few times, it wasn't under the best conditions, and I really wanted to wring it out.

    The little sucker is astonishing -- I have had a CXL-110 here before and it really does kick as well. My 30yo son was here over the weekend and worked it out with my five string and couldn't believe the low B response. The cabinet has a very smooth response, like the VL series, and the transition to the coaxial tweeter horn is seemless. It doesn't crackle and hiss like other cabs I've played, which the CXL has in common with the VL, which also delivers the highs very well- at first I had to put my ear up to the horn (on the VL) to be sure it was working <g> - it just is real, not exaggerated- and the crossover to the horn in the VL series is rather high.

    You can't hear the CXL cross over from kelvar cone to horn, and you can't locate it since they are coaxially mounted.

    While I haven't had any discussions with EA about their move from the VL to CXL series, but it's pretty easy to theorize - and that's what this is, just my guesses. While the VL series was incredibly good, they were quite expensive some were quite inefficient, with the exception of the VL-310 (VERY efficient) and later VL-210 cabs with the updated woofers (VL-210B - I have a pair). You really needed a lot of watts to push the 108, 208, 110, etc., which took away some of the advantages of the small boxes- requiring big boxes to push them. It must have hurt their market. And while I love my VL-208, I sure wish I could push it with a smaller head.

    I was, at first, concerned when I heard about the CXL series, thinking they were possibly sacrificing the quality and character for a better market position. As an example, the VL-210 listed at $1250, the CXL-210 is $995 list.

    However, after I had the chance to audition them that fear went away. They still have the extremely accurate character with REAL lows, not the artificially sweetened bottom.

    I've sold some Clarus/EA CXL-110 combinations, and it was funny to see guys at first think that the CXL didn't have enough bottom -- and then realize the difference was that the old cabs were just fat and flabby. In fact, one guy with whom I exchanged emails ended up being very dissatisfied with his "xxx" 210 after playing the CXL-110, and sold it in favor of a second CXL-110. Their on- and off-stage clarity is addicting.

    If you are anywhere near Southern NJ I'd be happy to show my own VL cabinets off, and maybe order in a CXL for comparison, if desired. If a future band opportunity arises where a smaller rig will be appropriate, it will be hard to resist either the iAMP combo or other EA offerings. If I didn't already have the AI Contra, I'd absolutely buy the iAMP combo since it is probably the best compact choice for double bass and electric bass.

    Just my opinions...
  3. Thanks for the review, Bob. All Hail! And thanks for the invite to try them out, but I'm in the Atlanta area.

    Sounds like the CXL doesn't have too much of a sub 50hz roll off and that both you and your son liked it. I will definitely have to give it a try. There have been a few VLs on ebay recently, but the CXL is a better match for my amp. I'm going slow with this decision and purchase. My casuals have dropped off in the last month and the holiday season is looking slow, also.