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  1. I tried the VL-210 today and liked it.
    I'm wondering what's the difference between the VL-210 and the CXL-210.
    It's on their Web Site but they don't give a lot of information.
    What I'm after is that clean tight sound, and the EA sure has it all.
    I play oldies and some top 20 tunes. It may not sound right, ( for that kind of music)?
    But I sure liked what I heard today.
    Besides, I'm needing to get a smaller, (GK 400RB) package to move around.
    Does anyone have this setup and would it cut the mustard in a 5 piece rock band? (In medium size club)
  2. Larry Kaye

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    Mar 23, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I heard a vl210 with a GK 1000 Rb this past January at Beaver Felton's store in Orlando. I was playing a Lakland 5 string.

    It really kicked butt. When I added a 208 to it, it was unbelievable.

    Make sure you have enough power. I play mostly big band, swing, motown etc. and EA's sound great, clean and punchy.

    Don't hesitate.

  3. Bruce Lindfield

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    I've bought 2 VL208s now (although one was stolen!:( )

    Interesting story from last week - I was at Jazz Summerschool and used my Eden WT300 with a VL208 quite a lot and got lots of interest/compliments about the tone.

    Anyway, there was a violinist who had a pickup and she asked me if she could use my setup when she was on stage in the "Jazz Club" as she had (surreptitiously) tried it when I wasn't there (I wouldn't have minded) and it was the best sound she had ever heard or got when amplifying her violin!