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Euphonic audio

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by tyburn, Jan 5, 2002.

  1. hi, i'm after a few user opinions/ reports on any of the EA products especially the i-amp 350.

    i thinking about getting the i amp350 head or the 350 combo.

    but am not sure how it would cope in certain settings.

    within my band we will go through differnt volumes and playing styles from heavey guitars, funk n jazz

    but we also have a big acoustic feel with alot of songs encorporating the acoustic guitar.

    i know for it's size it has a decent output and i don't want to have a huge rig when i do not need it.

    thats why i'd like to hear about the gigs and bands the guys out there use them in and the combintaions of cabs combo's etc.

    i've got a couple of nice bass's and would love a really good amp, i like to shape my sound and i love the effect these amps have on my bass and my ears, i just love em.

    i've only played acouple of years but i think i have earned the right to spend a bit of dough, even though it'll take me a year to pay it off, or i'll save first,

    thanks in advance

  2. Stu, I use an EA iAmp 600 with the VL 110 and 208 cabs. I use my rig in various combinations for jazz, latin, funk and pop stuff. I really love its compact size and big sound. The newer cabs (CXL) are more effecient than the VL series. I have heard the combo as well as the new 210 speakers. They both sound great. You may even want to consider their new 112 cab. I haven't heard it yet but it should sound great as all the EA stuff I have heard so far does. Some people say the EA stuff sound sterile but I don't find that at all. My rig sounds clear and warm. Good luck.
  3. i know theres other guys and gals with EA stuff??
  4. Judging from past posts in this forum a few folks use the cabs, but not many have the amps. You might want to do a search for Euphonic and EA over in the Double Bass Amp forum.

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