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Eurosonic 'Light'

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by TenorClef, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. Just in case anybody else was toying with purchasing these strings. My local luthier put these string s on my bass today and they sound fantastic. The generic strings that were on my bass originally sounded very 'tinny' but the Euronsonic light sound 'gut like'. Nice and warm with plent of warm bass esp on the A and D string and the G string. E sounds a little woolly but hopefully after the strings have settled in it will sound like the other 3 strings. I personally like the Eurosonic lights but this is my first bass and first set of strings after having my bass professionally set up.
  2. Eric Rene Roy

    Eric Rene Roy

    Mar 19, 2002
    Mystic, CT
    President: Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
    Glad to see you like them!

    We JUST introduced Eurosonic Ultra-Lights! These should be even closer to the feel of gut.

    Hopefully as they reach players we will see some feedback.
  3. Eroy -- are these strings intended mainly for pizz, or mainly for arco, or both?
  4. Eric Rene Roy

    Eric Rene Roy

    Mar 19, 2002
    Mystic, CT
    President: Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
    Mainly for pizz...

    I have a few guys who use them arco and love them. Dan O'Brian (not an endorsement, I think he is in Washington or Oregon?) was the last person I've been in contact with who uses Eurosonics with a bow. I think he said your tecnique has to be spot on, as well as your set-up...but if these things are right then you can get great results.

    We have three tensions now, Medium, Light & Ultra-Light. Medium being the originals and IMHO best for Jazz. We keep going lighter due mainly to bassists request.

    We like to think of them as an affordable, stable, maintence free alternative to gut. Obviously gut is about the lowest tension you can go...and we are trying to match that.
  5. Adrian Cho

    Adrian Cho Supporting Member

    Sep 17, 2001
    Ottawa, Canada

    BTW, the Eurosonics arrived in the mail today - thanks.

    So you're saying the Ultra-Lights are closest to gut but you're saying the Mediums are the best for jazz.


    To me, guts are the best for jazz so that doesn't equate <G>.

    I have a feeling what you mean is that the Ultra-Lights have the lowest tension but I assume they also have less volume than the bigger gauge strings.

    What I like about gut:

    Low tension

    Strong fundamental which helps make them sound big

    Big gauge - I personally find bigger gauge strings easier and more satisfying to play although there is definitely a limit to the size. If they are too big (like the Chordas were) then it's comfortable and they are hard to handle.

  6. Brent Norton

    Brent Norton

    Sep 26, 2003
    Detroit, MI
    IMO, the Ultra Lights ARE the closest to gut, but the Mediums are the gauge still being asked for by jazz players. But then, the Ultras have only been on the market about a week now...

    The interesting thing about the Ultra Lights is that there is NO loss of volume whatsoever, at least as compared to the Lights (I've never played the mediums). Eric was saying that they revamped the entire core / inner winding design and process to achieve that goal. The ULs sounded JUST like my Lights in terms of tone and volume, just lower tension. And while they are thinner in gauge, they still have some heft to them -- they feel great in the hands.
  7. Eric Rene Roy

    Eric Rene Roy

    Mar 19, 2002
    Mystic, CT
    President: Upton Bass String Instrument Co.
    Hi Adrian...

    Eurosonic Mediums, compared to steel, are still a low tension string. The Mediums have a punch and sustain that the Lights and Ultra-Lights don't have. For guys who are truley looking to replace gut, the Mediums may not be thier cup-o-tea as the tension is higher than they are used to and the bell like quality (crip attack, nice sustain) may not be the sound they are looking for.

    At the 2004 NAMM show I had a set of Mediums, Lights & Ultra-Lights on basses for people to compare. A very good bassist who is unfamilar to me (maybe some of you guys know him) by the name of Herman Young played them all and he thought the ultra-lights were fun, but not serious...but he loved the Mediums (I gave him a few sets as he said his good friend Ron Carter would like them and he wanted to give him a set...who knows if he ever got them...at least he got some free strings).

    Anyway...Brent is right about the product being young. As word gets out and people try them...I am sure we will hear more from players about which tension suits better which style of play.

    In the meantime you can buy a 3 sets of Eurosonics for less loot than a set of guts and see what you think! (Shamless plug...sorry! :smug: )
  8. Well i think the strings are well settled in now and i'm still very happy with them. The Euronsonic 'Lights' have a lot less tension than the steel strings that were on my bass. I have discovered mixed results with arco, its either dead right or dam awful, i think the problem is due to my inexperience with the bow which i'm still learning (scrape, scrape!). I do love the pizzicatto feel and sound i get from these strings. I'm hoping they last a long time. If i were to replace them i think it would have to be for the real thing Gut.

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