Eurosonics - awesome low tension strings for those with chronic blisters

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    I bought a pair of Eurosonic White Lights (aka Presto Nylonwound in Europe) for about a month and I figured I'd give my review of these for those who are wondering about them or are looking for a string that's easy on the right (and left) hand. Disclaimer: I have only been playing double bass for about nine months and I've really only played on two other pairs of strings prior to this - some horrendous stock strings on an equally horrendous Palatino (which, thankfully, I no longer have) and some D'Addario Helicore Hybrids that came with my new Shen SB-90. I am also not quite at the point where I can accurately describe upright tone, so take this review for what it is. HOWEVER, I have played electric bass for roughly 10 years and have even suffered from chronic blistering and peeling callouses on the EB, so it's not due to me being new to the upright. It's a genuine problem that I have to deal with and it isn't as simple as just "taking time to develop callouses." Anyways, onto the strings:


    The strings are a bright white that dulls a bit as you play. I didn't like the way they looked at first, but they've grown on me. I did get a few compliments on them from others at my most recent gig.


    These strings are really thick. Maybe a little took thick for some, but I've gotten used to them. They fit fine on my bridge and nut, but you may need to get some adjustments for them to fit. The ultra-light gauge are supposed to be thinner than the lights, so that might be the better option if you're worried about size. Despite the size, the tension is quite a bit lower than the Helicore Hybrid lights, but not too low. Really easy on the left hand, but even easier on the right hand. I have been playing for hours every day for the past month and just finished a two hour gig the other night and my fingers feel fresh. No blisters, no sore spots, no pain. I also played better than I ever have and my intonation had improved (though this may also be due to the fact that I have been practicing a lot). Thumb position is also very easy. Although I am not primarily a rockabilly player, I have been practicing some pretty aggressive slapping just for fun and my fingers are unscathed.

    Tone (acoustic):

    I will start by saying that these are supposed to be near-impossible to bow, so if you bow at any capacity, then these strings probably aren't for you.

    Acoustically, they do leave a bit to be desired as far as volume goes, but the string are even and all of the notes are clear. They aren't as loud as the Helicore Hybrids and aren't as articulate, but they don't sound too tubby or muddy. They sound more "gut-like"/"vintagey" than full steel strings. I am primarily a blues player, so they sound awesome for what I am looking for, but someone who is looking for a more modern sound or a lot of sustain probably wouldn't care for them. Also, if you don't pluck them in the right way, they can have a bit of a papery sound, but I've found that this is easy to avoid with good technique. If acoustic sound is a relevant factor for you, then the lights are likely better than the ultra-lights. I dropped the bridge adjusters on my bass all the way down to see how the lower tension would sound and they definitely don't project as well as when the tension is higher.

    As for slap, they sound excellent, and it's one of the best qualities of this string. They're easy to slap, have a really nice click and the notes are clear and full. The ultra-light would likely be even easier to slap, but if you play a mix of pizz and slap like I do, then the lights would be the better choice

    One more thing: these strings break in very quickly and sound pretty good right out of the package. Of course, they do sound better after a week or two of playing. I can only really compare them to EB strings since I don't have a lot of experience with breaking in UB strings, but IMO they would be just fine at a gig after installing them the same day if need be.

    I don't have any sound clips to upload. Even though I gig regularly, I am still self-conscious about my upright playing since I've only been at it for less than a year. If you are really curious about the sound, then I can send you a few sound clips via PM.

    Tone (amplified):

    After the ease of play, the second most convenient thing about these strings is that they work with a magnetic pickup. In fact, they sound far better through my Pierre Josephs String Charger than the Helicores or the poopy stock strings on my old bass. They're way less boomy and have a surprisingly good tone that sounds a little bit less EB-like (for a magnetic) than the Helicores. As for how they sound through a piezo, I can't really say as I just got my Bass Max and I haven't been able to compare it with other strings. They are a little papery through it by itself, which may be due to the nylon coating, but I can't say for sure. I don't particularly like the sound of the Bass Max by itself, but I get an awesome tone when I mix it with the Pierre Josephs that combines the string clarity and volume of the magnetic with the woody sound of the piezo.


    Overall, these strings are a 9/10 for me. I would prefer if they were a thinner gauge and a little louder acoustically, but the amplified sound and overall playability far outweigh the cons. These strings have improved my playing by not only being easier to move around on, but also by allowing me to practice for longer periods of time. If you play with a magnetic pickup, want a vintage sound without the price of guts, are looking for a string with a great slap tone, are not concerned about arco playing, and especially if you are looking for a string that won't give you blisters, then I highly recommend these strings.

    I added some pics of the strings on my Shen SB-90. As an unnecessary bonus, I also added a pic of my fingers after a seven gig tour with my old strings as well as a recent pic after a month of heavy playing with my new strings.

    IMG_2764.JPG IMG_2765.JPG IMG_2766.JPG IMG_2767.JPG

    WARNING: Nasty hamburger finger below

    IMG_1487.JPG IMG_2768.JPG
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