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Eurotubes customer service is great!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Juniorkimbrough, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. Juniorkimbrough


    Mar 22, 2005
    Mississippi / Memphis, TN
    Endorsing Artist: Lakland Basses
    I ordered a full low gain retube kit for my Traynor YBA-200 about 4 months ago. About a month or so ago one of the power tubes failed during a gig and in the end messed up my amp. (not a problem since it's under warranty)

    Well yesterday I contacted Eurotubes just to see if it would be okay to buy just one power tube to replace the one that went bad. Bob @ Eurotubes responded and looked up my previous order and is going to send me a new power tube that matches up to my other power tubes for a discounted price and no shipping fees since they should have lasted longer.

    I was going to buy it regardless and I realize tubes are something that are normally not warrantied so it was great to hear the good news! I love great customer service especially when it is offered to you without asking!
  2. I-here in Tas. Australia, ordered a set of 6 JJ KT77's thru Eurotubes- service was great. AND they arrived at my door exactly 1 WEEK after I placed online order-thats faster than most post within Australia!!!!! & they were cheaper than buying the SAME brand here in Aus.. They work really well in the amp( that previously blew all EL34's that it could get close to-it puts 700v to the plates) The JJ KT77's al look great( even 'glow'- no one tube brighter than others etc...) work great, sound great!!!!!!
    GREAT STUFF!!! I'll be ordering a set of 6 6550's from Eurotubes when I've saved up. Will not even think about going elsewhere- unless sumthin impresses me as much as they did!
  3. I must admit, dealing with bob is a pleasure, nice chap!
  4. Fealach

    Fealach Guest

    Apr 23, 2003
    Gone to a better place
    I used to think so too. Maybe he was just having a bad day when (after I had spent over $500 in 2 years on his tubes) one of the KT88s I got from him went bad shortly after I got it. It stopped lighting up, and looked like a snowglobe inside shortly after I put it in the amp. Bob told me tubes don't go bad, that if it looked OK when I got it it was a good tube so I must have broken it, so no replacement tube for me. Needless to say I am done with JJs and Bob, but I have done well with and Sovtek tubes and Triode as a retailer.

    Any retailer who acts like they don't want my business doesn't get it.
  5. Folmeister

    Folmeister Knowledge is Good - Emile Faber Supporting Member

    May 7, 2003
    Tomball, Texas
    I have had nothing but GREAT customer service from Bob.
  6. Just put my first order their last week, got instant reply (I ordered the wrong tubes, send them a mail to correct it, reply arrived in five minutes), and my order was shipped a few hours later. Now waiting for them to arrive!
  7. U won't be waiting long!!
  8. Oh yes - Bob actually spent about 20 minutes with me on the phone once, in addition to a whole series of detailed emails about biasing an obscure amp. However I am not recommending you all start calling the poor chap on the phone...

    His shipments are always super fast, the tubes are great, and he knows his stuff.
  9. Juniorkimbrough


    Mar 22, 2005
    Mississippi / Memphis, TN
    Endorsing Artist: Lakland Basses
    Everyone is entitled to a bad day now and then. I'm surprised he said that though since when I emailed him I wasn't even asking for a free replacement, just details on if I could order a single tube that matched my previous ones.

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