Evah Pirazzi 5 string?: matched set or Spiro low string?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by mtto, Oct 14, 2022.

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    May 25, 2008
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    I play 5 string, and really like Evah weichs. They work for me in orchestra, they work for me in jazz, etc. My pickup is a David Gage Lifeline.

    The low string (I usually tune to C) is beautiful, but I'm considering switching to a Spirocore low string.

    Thoughts? What differences should I expect? What would your personal preference be, and why?
  2. I found the EP Weich E to be a bit weak compared to the A (on my bass).
    The Spiro Mittel low B is a strong string, you might find the E to be a weak hole in between the low B Spiro and the EP Weich A. But I havenā€˜t tried it myself (I mainly play a high C).
    I changed to the Innovation Braided which have a stronger E, no dynamic limit when plucking hard which the EP Weich had, and otherwise are similar to EP Weich.
    My only occasion when playing a Spiro Mittel low B was with the same set above.
    You might think of replacing the E too and keeping the other EPs above.
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  3. The Spiro Mittel B is pretty darn strong. I like it quite a lot. Although when I tried tuning it to C once, I found the tension to be too tight and my bass lost some of its resonance. Maybe a Red Mitchell C would be a good choice if you want to tune your low string to C.
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