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SOLD Evah Pirazzi Slap set, Plain gut D + G

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe and International [DB]' started by H4mi0, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. H4mi0


    Apr 26, 2017
    Currency (EU and Intl):
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    Evah Pirazzi Slap set with plain gut D + G. Used for about 7 months. $250 shipped.

    I have taken every care to keep these strings in good condition, wiping them down the synthetic strings regularly, and with the gut strings; clipping hairs, sanding slightly when needed, and oiling them with almond oil regularly. These strings are my first ever set of guts, I think they are brilliant! The Paul Chambers sound is there for sure, especially with the bow! They are very low tension, about 20kp across all strings (D is 18kp). On my bass I was required to jack the string height up a bit to get a clean sound, but the strings are so light it didn’t make any difference to playability. I did find that they did not play nice with my Realist Copper pickup, and someone recommended the K&K Bass Max for gut strings. I did this and it’s bl!*dy fantastic. The synthetic strings really match the sound of the gut on top, so if you like the long sustaining sound of steel on the low strings these will not work for you.

    These strings, even after 7 months use, seem like they are as good as new, if not better. I would imagine you could get at least another year of playing out of them. The D string has some fraying on the peg box end as it is a tight squeeze in there with such a thick string on my bass - there is no effect on the string in any way. I am selling because I have not played many other gut strings and would like to experiment with other types.

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    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
  2. yimyjoe70


    Apr 16, 2018
    Hi!!! Are you still selling these strings??
  3. H4mi0


    Apr 26, 2017
    Hi Yimyjoe70,
    Yes these strings are still available

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