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Evans Custom Bass

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Jared Evans, Mar 20, 2009.

  1. Jared Evans

    Jared Evans

    Feb 24, 2009
    Hello! I'm starting a custom 4 string neck thru fretless bass. I'm doing this in conjunction with a guitar but wanted to post progress and gets tips from all of the great builders here. I have a rough sketch of the body design but the specs will be as follows...

    Mahogany body with wenge plate back and top, 5 piece mahogany/maple neck thru. Ebony fingerboard. Hipshot bridge, and tuners. Hopefully some awesome pickups from sgd luthierie. and mahogany knobs. Part of the wenge on the top and back will be contoured to let mahogany show through.

    I'm excited about the design but somewhat worried that it will be a bit too small but that's why I wanted to get your opinions first. I don't know any computer programs for design so I do old school hand drawn stuff...

    The bass is about 11" at its widest point and 17" from bottom to top where it will meet the 16th fret (where the 16th would be at least). 24 fret scale length.

    bass design 01.

    thank you guys in advance, I really look forward to this project
  2. Jared Evans

    Jared Evans

    Feb 24, 2009
    Here is a better shot of my design. I'm still in the design phase but I've received all of my wood and I'm ready to get started.

    My problem is that I've had trouble finding good measurements from a plan. For the guitar I'm building I've had tons of plans to reference and cross reference. I'm having trouble finding good info for the bass. So I'm measuring out my Cort bass and doing it to the Cort specs. For now. If anyone out there knows where I could find some good bass plans that I could use as a basis to go from (for basics like bridge and pickup position, etc.) please let me know.

    I would really appreciate any feedback... I'm excited to get started bass design final.
  3. Plans? You don't need no stinking plans.
    Seriously, work from a known bass that you like, and do your modification from that. Or, You could even get a good photo and enlarge it to get the proportions correct. Transfer that to a cardboard patten and work from there. Go for it and good luck.
  4. You could read a book as I did, to learn why things go in a certain place. From that, you can 'make up' your measurements and don't need plans. For example: the bridge goes (with all saddles in foremost position), exactly the length of your 'scale length' from the nut.. measured on top of the saddles. You don't need plans to know where it goes on your own design (and you should place it at the end, for exact measuring anyway).

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