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  1. I was in Worcester (MA) last Saturday night to hear the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Evelyn Glennie was the featured soloist in a couple of the pieces - what an amazing performance! The orchestra is touring North America at the moment - if you want to experience one of the world's finest percussionists first hand, try to take in one of her performances - the schedule for her US Tour is here.

    …and now, for the bass-related stuff - I noticed that five of the eight double-basses used in the orchestra were 5-string models, a feature which seems to be more common in the European orchestras than those in the USA. Anyone else notice this? I was wondering why this might be. Comments anyone?

    - Wil
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    Yes - she is amazing - I've seen her live in concert and many times on TV - it seems that she is the premier percussion soloist in the world and if any percussion concerto has been written in the last decade it was dedicated to her - in fact she almost seems to have invented the role of star solo percussionist - which didn't exist before !! Star pianist, violinist, cellist etc etc - yes - percussion - what?

    I've got a few good CDs as well - Schwantner's percussion concerto is a favourite along with pieces written by Turnage which also included Pete Erskine,John Scofield and other Jazz players. :)

    I've pointed this out before - especially with Russian orchestras. So there are many prominent parts in 20th Century music that need this - I pointed out a Shostakovich Symphony which finishes with a wonderful DB part -where all the DBs just play low C below the E string in a rhythmic figure that reaches a sustained climax.
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    I dig her.