Eventualy found my best bass in rehearsal

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    Salut all

    Last night I was in rehearsal .
    As usual bad room, some metal sheets on the ceiling, amp in a corner , little room.

    BUT this time I tried my modulus Flea bass. Only tried once before with the band but was not so cool. This time I put a Legacy Pickup on it and most important I perfectly set it up ! I play pretty hard and the action is something like 1,7 or 1,8 mm between E string and 12th fret. ( the same for G string )

    And WOOOOOOW it sounded so good in the mix and played so easily.
    Habitually I always struggle with my tone but not this time !
    Also it sounded good with the band ( guitar singer , drumer and keyboard ) even if it was not expected when knowing our original tone ( first album hear to check the bass tone : A Ride Across Your Mind, by Cosmocracy Inc. ).
    It sounded good alone and good on mix !

    So voilĂ  ( it is written like that and not viola ) first time I am really happy with my bass in rehearsal
    I guess I Will take it for next gig, in particular if there is a soundguy. The tone is easy to work with and already coloured to my tastes ( I tend to not trust very much what they do to the bass tone in front )
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    Nice! I love it when my own gear occasionally surprises me!
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