Ever get bored and swap necks?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by fourstringdrums, Nov 21, 2003.

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    If you have 2 of the same bass that is..

    I was bored tonight and I swapped necks on my sterlings. I put the birdseye maple/pao ferro fretless neck on my honeyburst sterling (looks GORGEOUS) and the maple/rosewood fretted neck on the blue fretless sterling I just got.

    Both necks fit perfectly and I had no problem setting them up. Actually the fretless had a little plastic shim under the neck, so when I put the fretted neck on, I put the shim on as well, and the action was super high..so I removed it. The fretted neck fits perfect without the shim, and fretless neck doesn't even need it now on the other bass..hmm..

    I actually think I prefer the looks of both basses this way. One thing I noticed though is that the (now) fretted bass seems to have a slightly different tone. Its more solid and alittle deeper sounding. Its subtle, but I can tell its there. Must be the difference between ash used on the bass in '96 and ash used in '03.

    Which actually brings up a good question..if ever I wanted to sell the (now) fretted bass, do you think it would hurt the resale value to have a newer neck on an older body?