Ever jealous of the venues your kids perform at?

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  1. So yeah my girls don’t play music, YET. But they are in ballet and tap dancing and have these pretty big recitals once a year. This year they performed The Glass Slipper (aka Cinderella) at the auditorium at Methodist university. Last year they performed Peter Pan in Fayetteville State universities auditorium. Kind of makes me feel embarrassed to be almost 40 and still playing mainly bar gigs lol.

    My view for the show
    2DDF1795-64A3-4125-865C-939A1CB32D97.jpeg Cool ceiling 2A822B06-E69F-4891-BBC3-4FC685F180C9.jpeg
    Shot of the PA.

    D7A4D0EA-8122-46E9-9D2B-01B9586A0276.jpeg Place was about half full for the little kids ages 3-6. And completely sold out for the age 7 and up kids @ $15 per ticket. Really proud dad right here 27C995C8-FAD8-426A-A350-8808F1FADC1B.jpeg 4746477E-1462-4E90-B450-962E2C5EED02.jpeg
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    While i’d like to believe i’m beyond being possessed of envy, you are one lucky guy.
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    When I was in high school orchestra I performed in the school auditorium that held 700, and it was full for some school functions. Biggest venue I ever played.
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  4. Yeah I played in school also. Played bass in jazz band and I played trumped since I was 9. Maybe once a year I play a show as big as those auditoriums but most of those are outside in 100 degree heat.
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    Yes. My daughter performs weekly for tens of thousands. Last year, they marched at the MN State Fair in front of 250,000 people. Largest single-day attendance ever. Jealous.

    Drum chicks rule.

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  6. That’s awesome.
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    Now that you bring it up, the auditorium in my high school where I worked would definitely have been the nicest place I've played. It was a 1000 seat professional auditorium where touring companies would come to perform as well as the local school kids. I wish I hadn't thought of that now.
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    Once. My son was in a rockclub in high school.
    It was sponsored by guitar center so when they did their annual show, they had a giant stage, full blown PA, lights smoke, lazers…...I've been playing in bands for years and have rarely had the amount of "show
    ' that they had.
    A little envious, but mostly proud.
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