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Ever NOT Recommended Your Band(s) for a Gig - and Why?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by jaywa, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. jaywa


    May 5, 2008
    Iowa City, IA
    I'm a day-jobber / weekend warrior and my current situation is that I have a "main" covers/originals band and three side/sub projects (all covers).

    I was given a lead on a high-profile, good paying outdoor gig next summer. My main band can't do it because of a scheduling conflict with a couple of the members so then I starting thinking about my other projects.

    Band A has the necessary professionalism but their image, instrumentation and material (jazz standards, classic light rock and 60s/70s pop tunes) are all wrong for the gig. So I didn't even think about floating them.

    Band B is basically a "supergroup" side project for some of the region's heaviest hitters. This band pretty easily would have been the best collection of musicians the event has ever seen and our material would have been perfect for the gig. But two of the members are in a heavily gigging main band and couldn't commit to the date because of a "possible" scheduling conflict with that outfit. So Strike 2.

    That leaves Band C, which is a group I sub with 8-10 dates a year. The musicianship is passable and the material is a pretty good fit for the gig but this is a hobby-level bar band in every sense of the word... they never rehearse, hardly ever freshen up the setlist, business practices are fly-by-night and professionalism on and off stage can be pretty lacking. In fact, they played a couple of gigs recently (without me) that are similar to the gig I've been offered and those jobs did not go well at all for a combination of reasons. Bottom line and hate to say it, but I don't trust these guys with a gig of this caliber and so even though it would have meant several hundred dollars in my pocket for me to play this gig with them I have chosen not to refer them for it.

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation?
  2. Factor88


    Jun 21, 2011
    Yes, absolutely have been in this situation. Usually involves a wedding and our band being referred by a friend of the bride/groom. Although we have played weddings, we are far from a competent dance oriented wedding band. I have been on the bad side of Bridezillas and will never do that again even for the great pay. So we usually turn weddings down unless we know the people getting married pretty well and know they are going to enjoy what we do.